Corporate Gift Hampers with a Personal Touch

Develop and maintain strong relationships with your most loyal and high-value customers using Letter Box Hamper as the perfect company gift that you can send to as many or as few valued people as your business needs.

A surprise gift dropping through the Letter Box, waiting in your hotel room or conference venue, or simply waiting for you at home after a hard day out at work can be the difference between a one-time customer and a strong, working business relationship. We provide extremely high-quality, personalised gifts hampers, with your brand name/logo and messaging included at no extra cost.

When to Send a Corporate Gift Hamper

Our hampers are perfect for:
• Conference gifts
• Eye-catching marketing mailouts
• Memorable event invitations
• Loyalty or thank you gifts for regular customers
• Reminders to customers on annual subscriptions or retainers
• Customer service gifts

Corporate Christmas Hampers 

Our Luxury Christmas Letter Box Hampers are lovely and practical way to give key people a Christmas gift from you or your business.

We have a range of seasonal hampers available so you can find the perfect gift for any occasion. We're happy to work together with any business to tailor a corporate gift hamper or company gift that's perfect for your customers.

 No minimum order volumes, next day delivery available.

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