Hamper Moments A Sweet Taste With Personalization Gifts

Jun 03 , 2022


Beela Shahzad

Hamper Moments A Sweet Taste With Personalization Gifts

Hamper Moments - Letterbox Gifts With Personalization Touch

Shahzad and Beela are Founders, we created HamperMoments Gifts during lockdown to help you brighten someone's day, when people couldn't meet each other directly.

Actually, before that we had a plan to open a lovely café in Glasgow, bur as we were looking for the right place; corona started and everything came to standstill for months.

Both Lancashire born and bred, Beela works hard preparing your gifts from a base in Glasgow, personalising your boxes with gift messages and making sure that your gift looks great for the lucky person. 

Shahzad "does the IT" from Mid-Lothian, and keeps the website and marketplaces ticking along, helping to make sure things are running smoothly, and that the products are looking great on the site.

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