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H : Halal DF : Dairy Free GF : Gluten Free VG : Vegetarian V Vegan

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

Suitable For Vegetarians & Vegans

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

Using only three natural ingredients of pure cane sugar with raw cane molasses, cream of tartar and the finest oil of peppermint Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are hand cooked on open fires to caramelise and offer a truly unique mint taste. Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are still manufactured using the same traditional methods as when Mrs Santus originally made the sweets in her kitchen in 1898.

Cane Sugar, Oil of Peppermint, Cream of Tartar


All of our sweets are delivered in food sealable bags and are all sealed to keep in their freshness, ensuring they are delivered to your door just as if they have been poured from Jar themselves!

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